Chris S's Kapusta

2 lbs ribs
1 lb lean bacon
3 pkgs sauerkraut
Onion (1 or 2)
Potatoes  3 or 4
Peppercorn 2 or 3
Salt teaspoon
Shredded carrot (1)        

Cut bacon into small pieces and put in the pot.
Rinse and drain the sauerkraut well and add to the pot with 2 or 3 peppercorns.
Chop the onion and add with teaspoon of salt and the shredded carrot.
Brown ribs on both sides and add to pot. Mix well.
Cook on top of the stove on medium heat for an hour then lower to a simmer for an additional 2 to 3 hours.
Put in the oven at 425 for 45 minutes then lower to 375 for 2 or 3 hours.

EITHER WAY stir frequently and if there is not enough fat add a tablespoon of Crisco to keep it from sticking.
Cut or dice the potatoes small and add 45 minutes before you are ready to eat.