Every year we take a long weekend to bond with "the boys". You got it...no girls allowed. It's a guy's weekend of doing what you want, when you want with minimal attention to rules. Click on the pictures to enlarge and use your browser Back button to return to this page.



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boys98h.jpg (32816 bytes) <== Dan wins ...but it looks like he cheated a little. I think next year Matt will take "the Master". boys98f.jpg (15258 bytes) boys98g.jpg (28276 bytes)




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Damian paid a visit this year, but Girlie Boy Tim couldn't make it.


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<== A new generation of arm wrestlers.

Dan is smiling but check out Artie.           ====>

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We didn't do "The Boys" trip in 2000 and for 2001 we changed from the state campground to a private one. Acorn Acres in Bozrah, CT. We had a couple of pretty decent adjoining camp sites and there were plenty of activities for all.

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The set up...............

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 Relaxing while the big boys  set   up camp.

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<== Art and Jared
Ron and Matt ==>

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<== Dan and Mike
Eric, Keith and Josh ==>

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The boys ==>
<== The older boys

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Keith brought his pet butterfly

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<== Practice
2 on 2 ==>

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 We went to Acorn Acres in Bozrah, CT.  again. We had the same two adjoining camp sites that we had last year. No pictures of Eric this year. He didn't get dropped off until Saturday and I forgot to get a shot or two of him.

dcp_1116.jpg (216134 bytes) <== The group minus Eric... sorry buddy.
The setup....lots of room. ==> dcp_1117.jpg (247845 bytes)
hotdog.jpg (50651 bytes) <== Return of "the hot dog shirt" by popular demand.
A little game of Bocce ball....thanks Keith. ==>  bocci.jpg (120229 bytes)
storm.jpg (110826 bytes) <== There's a storm a brewin'
Covering up...... ==> darker.jpg (167944 bytes)
<==  Putting stuff under cover. The camp site turned into a river on Friday night, but Saturday and Sunday were great.


 We went to Acorn Acres in Bozrah, CT.  again. Keith and his boys couldn't make it. Josh is in the Navy and Eric had town functions to attend to. Matt had to work all weekend. So, it wound up being me, Art and Jared, & Dan and Mike. We picked two sites close to where we camped the last two years and it turned out we liked these better.

c03a.jpg (83617 bytes) <== Mike & Jared unloading the truck.

Mike and Dan  ==>

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c03c.jpg (112204 bytes) <== Ron's new haircut and the camper replacement tent.

Dan "sucking it in" ==>

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c03e.jpg (108967 bytes) <== Jared taking his turn splitting wood.

Mike & Jared relaxing. ==>

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c03g.jpg (109739 bytes) <==Dan grilling the dogs and burgers for supper the first night.

Art doing his thing. ==>

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<== Dan doing HIS THING.

                                The camp! ==>

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c03k.jpg (91995 bytes) <== Chicken for supper....night two. No pics to prove it but Dan grilled up some great sirloin on night three.

Artie looks relaxed ==>

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c03m.jpg (46121 bytes) <== Comfortable set up.

USA 2003... "The boys". ==>

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Dan, next year bring the big tent.


 We went to Acorn Acres in Bozrah, CT.  for the fourth year. We had two good adjoining sites and a larger tarp for more rain protection. This year we had Art and Jared, Dan and Mike and Ron and Matt and Eric. Keith was recuperating from an operation and stopped by Saturday for a little eat and drink. We had pretty good weather and were protected by the big tarp from what little rain we had.

The setup

<== Dan, Art, Ron & Keith

Art rain proofing Eric's tent ==>

<== The youngsters :)

The tradition continues ==>


<== Just relaxing

Dan being Dan ==>

<== Ron

New camp radio ..Thanks Faith :) ==>

<== Buy enough chicken Dan?

Dry wood is still the key ==>

Mike, Dan, Keith, Matt, Eric, Jared, Art and Ron - Team USA!



 We went to Acorn Acres in Bozrah, CT.  for the fifth straight  year. We the same two good adjoining sites this year as we had last year. In attendance were  Art and Jared, Dan and Mike and Ron and Matt and Keith and Eric. We moved the date up a bit to accommodate Matt because he was leaving for boot in a couple of weeks.


Matt, Mike & Jared Dan, just relaxing.  
  Artie Unloading the firewood.  
  Keith looks relaxed too, Camping must be good for you. :) Matt and Art   
The camp! Art's Taj Mahaul tent is new. The wounded watching the card game.
Howling at the moon?? The kitchen     
Another shot of "The Camp". At the pool.          
This is what camping is all about. And don't forget the fire!   
Cribbage is the camp game of choice. For all....        
The adults :) Ron and future Marine Matt.

Another year of the "boy's camping" is over. We are anxiously awaiting the 2006 trip. See you soon!



 We went to Acorn Acres in Bozrah, CT.  for the sixth straight  year. We the same two good adjoining sites this year as we had the previous 2 years. In attendance were  Art and Jared, Dan and Mike,  Ron, Keith and Eric and Josh who had missed some years when he was in the Navy. Matt couldn't make it as he is in Japan.

  Eric Art  
Dan and Keith Keith setting up the Rebel flag    
Jared is looking good (and he knows it!) Cribbage is still the game of choice  
New grill this year. 3 stoves this year. The new one broke :( 
Dan & J-Rod checking the financial pages Keith looks lost!
It was in the 90s. Shade was good! Dan and Josh. "Want to arm wrestle Dan?"    
First time one of "the kids" helped cook. Thanks Josh! 99 is supervising?  
SHADE was GOOD! Lots of doing nothing going on. 
The Crew How do I set the timer?  

Another year of the "boy's camping" comes to an end. See you in '07.



 We went to Acorn Acres in Bozrah, CT.  for the 7th straight  year. We the same two good adjoining sites this year as we had the previous 3 years. In attendance were  Art and Jared, Dan and Mike, Keith, and Eric and Josh made it again. Matt couldn't make it as he is still in Japan.

  Eric helping with the setup. Nice to be young!  Eric & Josh at the horseshoe pits  
Dan & Keith         Artie relaxing!
  Art's new kitchen setup. Keith brought some steaks   
  Josh brought steaks also. Man did we EAT! ! Tim showed up & you can see what happened.      
      Always have a fire!!! Where's your helper Keith?      
Meyer being Meyer.  "I am the king"  Cribbage is still popular.
   Site cleaned up & ready to go home. "The kids" 

Another year of camping is over. See you in '08